The Erasmus plus project "Recycle, Re-use, Remind" involves the fashion program of five schools that want to develop innovative and eco-friendly ideas through a business simulation activity .

Analysing the fashion world, attention has been focused on innovation and marketing from the study of the brand and the planning and creation of the collection to the marketing phase, developing the eco-friendlyconcepts of recycling and re-using. During the visits to the partner schools both teachers and students designed and created new garments and fashion items using recycled materials such as jersey, cork, neoprene and plastic. The accessories produced are green, ethical and connected to the local districts with high cultural value.

The creation of a new eco-fashion brand has boosted young students' creativity through innovative technology and business attitude in a new eco-fashion approach.

The Eco-fashion e-book comprises all the phases of the project and it is an abstract of the activities carried out by the five partner schools. Itwill be a useful tool for the creation of a multidisciplinary course to promote a correct culture of recycling in a green economy.

The fashion show and the exhibition will present all the creations of the five partner schools . The eco-fashion week is the ultimate showcase for the project.